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Literacy Lift Off

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‘Literacy Lift-Off’, also known as ‘Power Hour’ or ‘Guided Reading’, is an intensive programme of reading and writing, which gives the children lots of opportunity to read books at their own level of competency. It gradually lifts the complexity of what they do in both reading and writing, by equipping them with the necessary problem-solving skills.

The aim of ‘Literacy Lift-Off’ is to make children constructive learners. Teaching them ‘how’ to problem-solve, so that they can employ it independently.

• It will be implemented in our class for 45 minutes every day, for a block of 6 weeks.

• The children will work in small groups. They will move around the classroom to ‘stations’ to carry out a number of activities in reading and writing, under the guidance of the Class Teacher and Special Education Teachers. (A station is a table, where the teacher will have the activity they are to undertake ready and waiting for them). It takes approx 10 minutes to complete a station.

• I have individually assessed the children’s reading abilities before we begin, to ensure that they are placed in a group with children reading at their level. I will assess their progress, once again, individually at the end of the 6 weeks. Each group will complete every station within the 45 minutes whilst working at their own level of ability.

• As they become more confident they move up though the ‘levels’ in the readers.

The Programme uses specially graded ‘PM+’ readers. These books are VERY EXPENSIVE and must be carefully looked after by each pupil. As we only have 6 copies of each book, it is of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE that the books be looked after and returned daily to the teacher.

 Familiar Reading: The new book that the pupil reads on Day 1 becomes their familiar book on Day 2 and so on. The teacher listens to the children read some of their book. This activity encourages enjoyment, comprehension, fluency and speed.

 Word Work: The children will work on their ‘sound’ for the week. They will also use magnetic letters to show how words are made up and how they work. This helps with visual analysis if their reading.

 Writing: The children practice writing words and sentences.

 New Reading: the children encounter new texts each day. The teacher will instruct them on how to tackle new materials and the use of other cues to assist them.

 Sound/Word Games: This station allows the children to play interactive games using the sounds they have been working on (Jolly Phonics).

Each night, the children will have a new book home, and a worksheet as per usual. I would encourage you to invest a little extra time on the reader, asking lots of questions about the pictures and text. Give your little one lots of encouragement and support and the results will speak for themselves. Evidence supports ‘Literacy Lift-Off’ as being a wonderful boost for the children as they move quickly and effectively through the levels. Your support will be crucial in its success.

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