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Peer to Peer Tutoring

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Peer tutoring links high achieving students with lower achieving students or those with comparable achievement for structured learning. It promotes academic gains as well as social enhancement.
Initally pupils are tested to assertain their reading ages. Then children are paired off with another student. One child will be given the role of the tutor and the the other child will be the tuitee. The tutor will have a higher reading age. Each pair must be within two stens of each other to ensure both ability levels are catered for. The children will been be assigned a certain level on the readers provided according to their ability level. The lessons last between thirty to forty minutes a day for a six weeks period.
So what exactly does a lesson consist of? Each lesson consist of a five minute prediction or talk and discussion about what the book will be about using cues from the title,cover and illustrations. This is followed by tutors reading for five minutes while the tuitee follows and writes down any difficult words on a sight word sheet. The roles are reversed for the next five minutes as the tuitee reads.
The next ten minutes is taken up with looking up the meaning of the difficult words they found and putting them into their index copies as the teachers go around and test the words orally. The last ten minutes the children complete worksheets based on the book they read before cleaning up.

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