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Reduce,Reuse, Recycle

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Flag 1. Litter & Waste 2003.
We reduced our bins to landfill from 3 to 1 ½ or less per week.
Children were/are encouraged to bring their lunches in reusable containers, reusable flasks/drinks bottles, air-tight containers for sandwiches as opposed to tinfoil/sandwich bags.
Teachers/school joined the resource centre in c’bar for paper, card, materials, fabrics, etc – reused in project & art work.
Photocopy both sides of sheets.
Paper from office(old letters, etc) brought to infant classrooms for drawing on/colouring.
Paper shredded and given to pupils for pets.
Left-over food given locally to hens & ducks.
Litter-wardens organised on a weekly rota at school(1st – 6th classes).
Compost all compostable materials at school.
Recycle paper, card, cartons i.e. pet/pete/hdpe.
Children from each class are on duty on a daily basis for the smooth running of the above.

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