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Supervision Policy

General Information

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SUPERVISION POLICY : Morning break & Lunch break

The school reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time entirely at its discretion.

It is envisaged that :-
1. The children in our care are our responsibility during school hours.
2. The Assistant Principal draws up the rota of supervision. All staff members will strictly adhere to this rota.
Individual teachers have responsibility to arrange agreed change of rota if required with other teachers. In a
teacher’s absence, another staff teacher or a substitute teacher will be required to supervise the yard. The Board of
Management deems teachers, S.N.A.s ,secretary, caretaker, student teachers and S.N.A.s on placement as
responsible adults on supervision duty. The school provides 2 balls per classroom for break times.
 Supervision duties occur from:11.00 a.m. - 11.10 a.m. and from 12.45p.m.- 1.15 p.m.
 Procedure for supervision: Four teachers and six S.N.A.s will supervise both breaks in designated play
Procedure for after morning and after lunch breaks are as follows. Staff on yard duty must wait with the classes until
the class teachers collect their respective classes. Pupils line up in designated areas.
3. On wet days the principal announces on the tannoy that children remain in their classrooms. Should the weather
improve or dis-improve, the supervising staff shall make a collective decision to permit/restrict access to the yard.
There will be no access to the new playground without supervision.
4. On wet days the teachers and S.N.A.s on duty supervise their designated classes/areas inside.
5. When a rain bell is sounded pupils re-enter their classrooms via the class emergency-door through which they
usually enter and/or exit the building.
6. All children leaving the schoolyard must get permission from the supervising adult.
7..Should a serious accident occur, the supervising adult arranges,(where possible) for the child to be brought to the
front of the school. The child is tended to by a teacher on call. A report of a serious incident is entered in the
“Accident Report Book” which is kept in the staffroom.
8. On dry days, no children shall remain in classrooms during morning or lunch breaks. If a child becomes sick or
seriously injured, parents will be contacted .A teacher/S.N.A/school secretary will supervise the pupil until the child
is collected by a parent/guardian.
9. To support our litter-free environments children of all classes consume food and drinks in their respective

(Chairperson of Board of Management) (Principal ) Date: 23/11/2023

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