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General Information

Every year students undergo standardised tests to compare themselves against the national norms. Depending on the class level your child will complete both a mathematics and english test. The following are the tests carried out by each class:
Junior Infants- MIST
Senior Infants- MIST
First Class-Sigma T and Micra T
Second Class-Sigma T and Drumcondra
Third Class-Sigma T and Drumcondra
Fourth Class-Sigma T and Drumcondra
Fifth Class-Sigma T and Drumcondra
Sixth Class-Sigma T and Drumcondra


If you wish to know more about the STEN score your son achieved in his recent standardised test you should click on the link below which will bring you directly to the guide for parents  on interpreting standardised scores on the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment's (NCCA) website. You will note that the explanation leaflet is available in many different languages - click on a flag at the bottom of that page:

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